Keros coast – Aliki lagoon

99Biodiveristity is not just life, it is the quality of life!

Have a bracing walk among wetlands, waves and wildlife. Starting from the crossroad of diversity, you can visit Aliki and Asprolimni lakes, walk along the coast and meet some of the ‘residents’ of the region.

A trail with a totally different view during the four seasons. Blue and white in summer, as Aliki, the salt lagoon, is full of salt, lilium blooms along the coast and people enjoy the sea of Keros bay. Rain starts in autumn, visitors leave and avifauna arrives. The lakes are full of water and  more and more birds arrive for breeding and wintering. Winter spreads its hard conditions affecting every living being, including man, but everyone resists and stays at his post to carry out his duty. Thousands of migratory birds overrun the region. And the time of rebirth comes in spring. Green and blue the prevailing colours of nature. Water and sun make nature bloom. Thus, a cycle of ecological processes during the whole year is completed and nature is ready to start again.


Hike`s ID

Distance: 6km

Duration: 4h

Hiking: 2h (1h 30min on rural road, 30 min. on sand)

Difficulty: medium

Landscape: coastal

Loop: Yes

Price per person: 40€