‘Metohi’ Landscape

Wander around the fields and listen to the whispers of a ten-century old agricultural labour!

Metohi is a an agricultural region in the center of the island.

Once a monastery, later merely fields and crops, today a natural and cultural heritage.

Its story begins in the medieval times when the Byzantine emperor Konstantinos Palaiologos the 11th, donated the land to the residents of Lemnos, in order to cultivate it. Since that time, an administrative committee has been managing the properties as well as the farmland. The main scope was to serve the educational and ecclesiastical needs of the island via the revenues from land cultivation.  Hard times, great changes, various cultivation perspectives, centuries affected this farmland which is still there, offering its services not only as a source of food production but also as a cradle of civilization.

Hike’s ID

Distance: 4km

Duration: 3h

Hiking: 1h 20min on rural road

Difficulty: easy

Landscape: lowland

Loop: Yes

Price per person: 40€